Friday, March 4, 2016

Brows, Liner, and Lashes: Eye Makeup Steps You Should Never Skip

When going through the morning makeup process, it can be easy to be lead into the temptation of slacking off and creating shortcuts. Unfortunately, when it comes to your eyes, there should be NO type of shortcut or edits.

Ambrosia Malbrough shares her makeup steps and emphasizes what we should never skip: brows, liner, and lashes.

The brow process can be the most tedious part of makeup. Perfecting your eyebrows can seem like such a task, but it feels so rewarding to have sharp and in shape brows as you go throughout your day. Ambrosia shows how a simple fill-in and concealer dabs can perfect your brows.

Eyeliner is tricky to most, like Ambrosia exemplified, but I find it as one of the easiest parts of my makeup routine.  It's crazy how a simple black line can make us feel so fierce. Make sure to never skip your eyeliner routine if you would like a full, put-together look. Eyeliner can create an image anywhere from sweet and innocent to fierce and fabulous. Try learning how to perfect your cat eye!

Your lash process is a vital part to a complete eye look. Lashes, whether real or false can add an intense depth to your makeup regiment. Ambrosia introduced "end lashes." End lashes are lashes that are placed at the end of your lash line, rather than a whole strip. These lashes gave her a glamorous look that still looked acceptable for an every-day look. If you don't feel comfortable using false lashes, find your favorite mascara and give your natural lashes a couple of coats.

With these three steps, there is no way for you to not have sexy and smoldering eyes!

Stay fabulous.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

High vs. Low Quality Hair Extensions

As a college student who loves to look fabulous while balling on a budget, I find MakeupDOLL's video on high vs low quality hair extensions very informative.

Purchasing hair extensions can be a very big investment but, if you buy right, can be well worth the money. I can testify with my own experience that cheap hair will not last you long nor will it be very flattering. High quality hair, however, can last you ages and keep your hair flowing like Beyonce's mane. My mother will probably kill me after reading this, but the best hair I purchased cost me $200+...but it lasted me far longer than the $40 bundle packs I previously experimented with, and it made my money stretch.

When MakeupDoll first began the video, I chose wrong about the high vs low quality, however, as she went along, it became almost obviously apparent which hair was the correct choice. Being someone who loves to play in hair, it can be easy to spot low quality hair, however, some brands are good at tricking people...even the "weaveologists". Fortunately, steps such as checking for short pieces of hair in a pack, shedding, texture, and dye can help us learn the difference between hair that is worth every penny and hair that is not worth a penny.

Stay fabulous,

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

How To Acheive Natural Looking Crochet Braids

In the spirit of me getting crochet braids less than 48 hours ago, I feel that it's time that I expand my blogging on beauty from just makeup over to hair AND makeup!

I have been all over youtube watching tutorials on how to keep up with crochet braids, and Michele Fierce's vlog caught my eye and kept it. My marley hair, too, is SUPER THICK, and that is not the type of style that I am used to nor care for. Luckly, with Michele's help, now I know how to reduce the puff and make my hair look natural. This step-by-step tutorial helps give girls new to the crochet world (like me!) a look into how to style crochet braids and keep up with their curls.

Thank you, Michele Fierce, for teaching me how to tame this mane! if you'll excuse me, I have some hair to curl and dip!

Stay fabulous,

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Makeup Mistakes Black Women Commonly Make!

I know that I did a review on a "Makeup Don'ts" video, but I feel that this topic needs to be touched on again. I say this because...unfortunately, I once identified with some of these beauty mess ups.

When I first began filling in my eyebrows, I used harsh, black pencils that made me look like a sharpie cha-cha slided all around my brow area. fortunately, I learned about the wonders of shade-matching.

Chanel Boateng gave us an on-point demonstration of makeup mistakes that are tailored specifically to Black women. This video goes in depth of not only speaking about the different mistakes, but also demonstrating the correct way to fix the problem. As African American women, we are not always able to keep up with modern makeup trends the same way Caucasian people can. Yes, we can pull of the look...but with a little tailoring.

Nude lips, contouring, false lashes, blush, and more are discussed on "Makeup MISTAKES Black Women Commonly Make!" Check it out and take notes!

Stay Fabulous,


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

40 Beauty Questions

Okay, so Ambrosia Malbrough, aka Brosiaaa, is slowly becoming one of my favorite beauty bloggers. As I continue to watch her videos, her personality seems to shine just as beautifully as her appearance.

In her most recent video, she sat down and answered 40 questions that her followers wanted to know. Everything from her skin type, favorite makeup brands, and natural beauty was discussed. Her honesty is appreciated, especially since these are questions that almost every girl has, and we trust a beauty expert such as Ambrosia to give us detailed answers.

Thank you for letting your fans know about your preferences and opinions. Great tag, Brosiaaa!

Stay fabulous,


Saturday, October 17, 2015

Makeup Don'ts

I am in love with Irishcel507's vlog about MAKE UP DON'TS! Honestly, there are some makeup experiments that just do not need to leave your room. Uni-brows? Drag lashes? Ashy lips? No!  Learn what looks to stay away from and how to fix a bad cosmo mistake!

Stay fabulous,


Friday, October 16, 2015

Drugstore Makeup Tutorial

On a budget? Rose Kimberly gave a quick, everyday makeup routine for a cheap price. She and I both have dark spots on our skin, so I adore how easily she can make her skin one, even tone. I guess I need to visit Rite Aid soon!

Stay fabulous,